“All You Need To Run This Is
What Almost Every Web Host Out There
Already Has”

    • Supports ONLY cPanel Based Webhosts
    • Compatible with most popular cPanel x/x2/x3 theme skins
    • PHP v4.3 or higher on Unix compatible system
    • MySQL DB version 3.23 or newer
    • Ability to open URLs from PHP (i.e. URL- aware fopen wrappers and sockets)
    • Ability to run Unix shell commands from PHP (PHP ‘safe_mode’ is NOT compatible with this script)
    • PHP file uploads to restore backups and upload CSV files for batch install.
    • PHP PEAR DB, File/CSV module, and Template modules (these are typically there, but if not, WP ManagerDX package includes an optional script archive with the necessary files)
    • PHP Pear needs to be installed on server. PHP-Pear — While compiling apache there is an option for php-pear to be installed.
    • “Unzip” command-line utility to extract WordPress theme/plugin files
    • NO blocking access to Cpanel hosts on port 2082 where wpmdx will be on and also the remote cpanel host you will install blogs on (this is necessary if you want to install blogs on different hosting accounts)
    • suPHP need to be enabled on your host if you wish to use the ‘Manage Profiles Option 1′ section within wpmanagerdx admin area.

Recommended Hosting for the WPMdx script!

Please Note: Hosting must be cpanel based.

Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Server are MOST recommended.

The following are the hosting companies I personally use without a problem:

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VPS Hosting