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Re: WP ManagerDX version 5 and New member area

OK it’s finally here WP ManagerDX version 5 BUT you need to know these things before you upgrade and also some important information about the new member area site…

1. Even though the wpmdx version 5 is ready, the video tutorials are not. However the User guide was edited with the new changes.

Changelog: PHP – wpmanagerdx.com/changes/CHANGESPHP.pdf

Changelog: Windows – wpmanagerdx.com/changes/CHANGESWIN.pdf

2. WPManagerDX.com members: The only way you will be able to upgrade to 5 is for you to login to wpmanagerdx.com/login.php (of course you need to be a paid member, either PAID3, UPGRADE1, WARRIORS or LIFETIME member) If you are not, then you may join on the following page:


All other members from ultimateplr.com and nichebloggerdx.com may download wpmdx version 5 from your member area.

3. I will be moving the existing membership site (wpmanagerdx.com) to a new wordpress member site. For now I have it setup at:


If you have an expired membership at this sites (wpmanagerdx.com, ultimateplr.com or nichebloggerdx.com) and want to have access again to wpmanager script/software then join below.  You can view a video on the main page about the new version 5.


4. The new signup link is in your existing member area at wpmanagerdx.com. Once you sign up, please send me an email at supportdx at wpmanagerdx.com letting me know you signed up. I will verify your account to be paid and then upgrade it, in order for you to access the downloads to version 5.

Please allow me up to 12 hours to respond to your email letting you know your membership has been upgraded.

5. If you wish me to upgrade your script then please send $15 to paymentsdx at wpmanagerdx.com and cpanel credentials to supportdx at wpmanagerdx.com

6. Affiliate Program is not active yet.

7. If I miss anything please be patient…I’m human..lol


That’s it for now!

Thank you.

Edna Melendez

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