In rare cases if you install wpmanagerdx once and try to install on some domains that are residing on some other hosting then it might be possible that the host does not allow remote access to cpanel. Please see system requirements on the sales page of this script. If that is the case you are allowed to install wpmdx on that other server as well to manage the blogs on there.

Yes they are but in some cases that has nothing to do with wpmanagerdx, a plugin might not be compatible with new versions of wordpress script. In that case you will need to contact the plugin’s owner to see if they have a new version that works with new versions of wordpress.

The majority of the themes and plugins out there are compatible with wpmanagerdx. In some cases it will require some editing of a file. Please refer to the user guide or visit the Support Forum.

No, it does not. It is ONLY for personal use on your own domains. However any blogs that you install with system you can sell as you wish of course.

Yes, we do for only $25. Payable via paypal.

Yes, each section of wpmanagerdx admin area has a link to help guide and there is a PDF User Guide with screenshots as well.

You may visit the Support Forum HERE or Contact us directly at: HeavenlyBiz.com

You may also visit our video tutorial section.

WP managerdx will allow you to save/create a masterblog profile in Manage Profiles option 1 section. this masterblog profile will be installed in the root directory of your wpmdx files, not installed on actual domain. From here you can login to the dashboard, configure your plugins, theme, etc..

Then when you want to install on actual domains, you go into Install New Blog option 1 or Install Multiple Blogs option 1, choose the profile you want to use, enter your domain’s credentials, blog name etc…and then click Install Blog. Now this blog will be install on an actual domain based on the masterblog profile you just created/saved in Manage Profiles option 1.

If you like you can watch some videos here:

Video Tutorials

The wpmanagerdx comes in PHP (hosted) version and a Windows versions as well (you can run from your desktop). You can use either one.

WP ManagerDX does NOT add domains in WHM control panel (if you are using Reseller, VPS or Dedicated server) nor add addon domains to your cpanel > Addon Domains (if you are using shared hosting) You will need to do this yourself before installing blogs on your domains. These are things that need to be setup my the owner and not third party software.